Sara Han Williams

Sara Han Williams

Sara Kyungwon Han-Williams is President of Pixtrend Inc. and has been working in the animation industry for 16 years.

She founded Pixtrend Inc. in 2005 as a consultant, computer-generated imagery, distribution and Investment Brokerage company distributing Korean and international, animated television series’ and movies worldwide. Recently Sara was responsible for sales, acquisition, co-production and successfully brokering such projects as:

Distribution and Licensing for “Janggeum’s Dream”: Leading animated TV series in Asia.
Distribution and Licensing for “Yoohoo & Friends” to Toonzone/Showcase, US

Administered a co-production deal among Neon Pumpkin, Pixtrend and Millimages, France for “Call for ChiChi”.
Brokered a co-production deal between a Korean company and BRB Int’l, Spain for “Kambu’s Mystery Island”,
Brokered a co-production deal between a Korean company and BRB Int’l, Spain for “Ghost Messenger”.
Brokered a co-production deal among Neon Pumpkin/Korea, Crewjo/Australia and Backbone/Malaysia for “Charlie Gribble” and is executive producer for same.

She also brought hire-service works and co-pro deals from overseas to Neon Pumpkin Animation Inc. as Vice President, including
“Oggy and the Cockroaches” and “Rahan” TV series for Xilam, France,
“Dora’s Explorer Girls” TV special for Nickelodeon, US,
“Hero 108” and “Zevo-3” TV series for Moonscoop/Mike Young, US
”Adventure of Young Dr. Dolittle” DVD Movies -co-production deal with Waterman Ent/Spoken World, US and act as one of executive producers.

She started as a production coordinator at Sunwoo Entertainment, Inc. in 1994 and was Former Business Relations, Marketing & Distribution Officer at Saerom Animation, Inc. in 1995 -2005 working for major US, Canada and European producers such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney, Nelvana, SIP and so on including “Oswald”, “Dora the Explorer”, “Hey! Arnold” TV series and the movies, and “Diego” for Nickelodeon, US. , “Johnny Bravo” for Cartoon Network, US and more.

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