The Business of Show Business


William ‘Bill’ Dennis – Max Howard – Frank M. Lunn

Three days, three experts, three steps to success 

In this unique three-day program, the team unlocks the secrets to financing, producing & distributing theatrical animated feature films for the international marketplace.

Finance – Production - Distribution 

Day 1

Animation World - 1 hour An overview of the feature animation industry

Development - 2 hours

Taking an Idea to a Screenplay

The Art of Design -  creating the world

Casting for Talent - the stars, the agents, the fees

Show Me the Money - 2 hours

Financing models, how they work and how to access them.  Private equity, distribution deals & pre- sales

Day 2

Spending the Money - Making the Film - 3 hours

Never enough time, never enough money

How to effectively utilize the resources. Pre-production, production, creative excellence, managing the crew, motivation, planning, quotas, budgeting & scheduling. 

Selling the Movie - How, Where and When - 2 hours

More than a movie it’s a brand – consumer products, marketing, trailers, production stills, other languages.  All part of the opportunity.  

Day 3

Finding an Audience - Distribution - 2 hours

Dealing with the major studios, producer’s reps, sales agents, marketing distribution and the waterfall.

Stereoscopic 3D  - 1 hour. The cost, the additional revenue and the future

Changing World - 1 hour The internet, DVD sales, day and date distribution

The Panel Discussion - 2 hour Q & A with the Presenters

Lunch with the Presenters


Four guests each day will have an opportunity to have an exclusive lunch with one of the partners

Day 1  Lunch with William ‘Bill’ Dennis

Day 2  Lunch with Max Howard

Day 3  Lunch with Frank M. Lunn

Evening Screenings

An animated feature screening and subsequent discussion